Top Celebrity Bookings In London

Need to book a celebrity for your event in London?

Booking a celebrity can bring instant glamour and prestige to your event, not to mention drawing in the crowds. If you want to organise an event people will be talking about for years, having a big name is one way to guarantee it’s memorable.

Nothing is more likely to make people buy tickets to your event in London than the chance to watch a celebrated artist.

Why Choose ArtisanPro for celebrity bookings in London?

You’ll find ArtisanPro have many instantly recognisable names in our portfolio, including Florence and the Machine, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Craig David, Lana Del Ray, Kesha, Kylie Minogue and Maroon 5.

ArtisanPro have helped to organise a wide range of events, from corporate and private events, to children’s parties, weddings and Christmas parties, many of which featured one of our celebrities. We can not only organise celebrity bookings, but take care of every aspect of your event.

Let us bring your event in London to life this summer.

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