iRobot & iRobotGirls


If you want something that’s decidedly different and incredibly impressive, the fantastically futuristic iRobot is just the thing. More than 10 feet tall, and lit with the latest LED technology, the sensational and stylish iRobot comes armed with CO2 cannons and lasers – and more – to enthrall, entertain and entice guests at any kind of large event, from festivals to trade shows. What’s more, the iRobot is fully customisable – we can easily brand him with a corporate logo and/or equip him with dialogue specially scripted for your event. And if you prefer the future with a female face? That’s fine – the iGloGirls are every bit as entertaining and impressive as their male counterpart!
iRobot & iRobotGirls can be booked together or separately.